A Servolution is a revolution sparked through serving - it’s a culture of serving others all day every day and infusing that culture into the DNA of your church. When we do this, we change our view of the world and our perspective of the needs of those around us. This movement is rumbling throughout the body of Christ - a revolutionary army of people ready to take up this mandate. We are actively pursuing the lost, the forgotten, and the poor to show them a God who is passionately in love with them. We stand ready with one heart, saying, "I will serve others and show them the hope they can have in Jesus.”

Through simply loving, caring, giving and embracing a hurting world, doors are opened to pour in God's love. That is what Servolution is all about - a revolution ignited by serving those no one wants to serve, doing the outreaches that seem too difficult or too lowly, and loving those that feel like they are unlovable. It is serving people in the style of Jesus.